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Nobilis Partners specialises in comprehensive service for developers and construction companies, also the smallest and medium-sized ones, for which we prepared special, favourable conditions of remuneration.

Activities offered by us are in general carried out as part of the category:
independent management of investment process
contractorship of commissioned investments.

In the scope of independent management of investment process:

  1. preparatory phase:
    1. creating a capital structure for investment purposes:
      1. selection of a legal form of the business;
      2. establishment of a special-purpose company;
      3. selection of tax residence;
    2. Checking a legal state of a property (due diligence):
      1. Ownership issues taking into account potential legal claims;
      2. applicable land development conditions decision;
      3. conditions of building preservation maintenance;
    3. specifying the investment profile:
      1. selection of the type of land development with regard to the business model of the investment;
      2. drafting an application for land development conditions decision;
      3. conclusion of a loan agreement and agreement on bank monitoring;
  2. pre-construction phase:
    1. designer agreement:
      1. determination of forms of employment of entities responsible for the design of the facility;
      2. specifying forms of design documentation (architectural concept, building permit design, tender design with a bill of quantities and detailed design),
    2. agreements with consultants (industry consultants, cost controller, construction control and OHS inspector, archaeology, marketing service),
    3. administrative and legal permits and decisions:
      1. decision on land development and management conditions;
      2. demolition permit;
      3. building permit;
      4. conditions for utility services connection;
      5. possible decisions on a permit for construction of utility services connections;
      6. archaeological permit;
      7. environmental permit;
    4. project insurance (third-party liability insurance/CAR);
  3. design phase:
    1. tender procedure for the selection of investment contractor;
      1. specifying the completion system:
        1. design-build;
        2. tender procedure at the tender design stage with a bill of quantities;
        3. tender procedure at the detailed design stage;
      2. implementation of tender procedures, negotiations and selection of a contractor;
    2. selection of forms of employment of contractors:
      1. general contractor system;
      2. division into works stages and their assignment to separate contractors;
      3. management of individual work contractors;
    3. employment of equipment suppliers;
    4. preparation of reservation contracts, preliminary agreements and final contracts concluded with the purchasers of usable area and investment premises,
  4. opening phase:
    1. conclusion of agreements on building operation (among others, media reception agreements);
    2. obtaining permits for the use of a building;
    3. preparation, negotiations, and conclusion of agreements with potential tenants (during the earlier phases).

In the scope of contracting commissioned investments:

  1. participation in public procurement process;
    1. review of Terms of Reference with particular focus on the specimen agreement and contractual safeguards;
    2. supervision over the preparation of an offer in terms of compliance with Terms of Reference;
    3. handling the construction process in terms of performance of agreement by the ordering party and contractor;
    4. preparation of subcontractor agreements;
  2. participation in private procurement process;
    1. preparation of agreements or submitting comments to a draft presented by the ordering party;
    2. participation in contractual negotiations;
    3. handling the construction process in terms of performance of agreement by the ordering party and contractor;
    4. preparation of subcontractor agreements;
  3. preparation and legal assistance in the scope of agreements with designers, financial institutions and insurance companies;
  4. legal services and advisory in the scope of administrative procedures;
  5. legal assistance in the scope of legal disputes and negotiations;
  6. legal representation.

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